Many feni returns

Lembranca, the new feni from Madame Rosa Distillery
Lembranca, the new feni from Madame Rosa Distillery

Feni lovers, rejoice! Madame Rosa Distillery has just rolled out its new brand called Lembranca (meaning ‘memory’ in Portuguese), which was designed by the late celebrated cartoonist and artist Mario Miranda. The brand has just won the prize for best label design at the Spiritz 2015 Bon Vivanta in Goa.

Coming across is the essence of feni and harmony with Lembranca bottled with the finest-ever de-casked charcoal-distilled and oak-matured Goan spirit. This feni brand has been designed with passion and is coupled with excellent printing synergy from Ateliers.

Depicted on the label is a typical tavern scene that only Mario Miranda could essay. Besides tasting good, it looks good enough to be proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the cognacs and other spirits in many corners of the globe. Of course, it would make for an excellent festive gift this Diwali or Christmas. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Many feni returns

  1. I just opened a bottle of Lembranca and it’s like feni and water mix even though the label states 42.8% alc/vol.

    Big Boss from the same company is 200 rupees cheaper and 200 times better!


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