Artistic drive

Krsna Mehta, Amar and Charishma Sheth and Indira Bodani at the Palette of Innocence evening
Krsna Mehta, Amar and Charishma Sheth and Indira Bodani at the Palette of Innocence evening

Palette of Innocence – that’s what they called the coming together of automotive technology with art and charity. Amar and Charishma Sheth of Shaman Wheels, one of the country’s leading dealerships for Mercedes-Benz cars, hosted an evening in collaboration with Krsna Mehta and Indira Bodani of Gateway School Mumbai at the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz service station at Churchgate.

Unveiled were three beauties from the range of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, all wrapped in breathtaking  prints inspired from paintings created by students of Gateway School Mumbai, a school for children with special needs, and curated by Krsna Mehta The statement-making cars wrapped with these artistic prints will be experienced every weekend and will soon be seen driven around in the city by a few lucky auto enthusiasts. The proceeds from the registration process go towards the development of the school.

The idea of this activity is to combine the strengths of the three groups with diverse backgrounds to foster the spirit of learning for all children. Each car has the signature feel of classic designs by Krsna Mehta. The children’s artworks created the base and the inspiration used by Krsna Mehta to help express their vision.

Seen at this evening filled with the sound of live music, street food treats, plus sangria and chilled beer were the likes of Chirag and Tanaz Doshi, Nayantara Thacker, Tanya Deol, Alvira Agnihotri, Ekta Raheja, Dianne Pandey, Sheena Sippy, Sunil and Tanuja Padwal, Rahul Akerkar, Tara Sharma and Prakash Thadani among many others.


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