Limited edition, unlimited fun

Ram Sampath and Sona Mohapatra at the Absolut India launch at Todi Mill Social
Ram Sampath and Sona Mohapatra at the Absolut India launch at Todi Mill Social

The buzz was on as Absolut, the world’s most iconic vodka, announced the launch of its first-ever Absolut India Limited Edition at Todi Mill Social. Featuring artwork by young creative mind Shaheen Baig from Mumbai, you saw that the design captures the spirit of ecstatic chaos and brings alive the vibrant, multifaceted nation that is India.

The talk was that Absolut is thrilled to celebrate India – the country of diverse culture, tradition and colours. The flavour for Absolut India is inspired from tropical summer fruit – mango and master of spice – pepper. It is smooth and mellow with a well-balanced spiciness, making it a perfect vodka for refreshing summer drinks. Well, you saw this, or rather tasted this, at the rollicking launch party.

Guests were happily enjoying the gola vodkas and the range of cocktails that packed a punch at the hip, hop and happening Todi Mill Social.

Word has it tht the Absolut Limited Editions have predominantly been designed by renowned artists but with the India edition Absolut decided to reach out to the local talent and creative minds  in India to design the Absolut India Limited Edition and become a part of history. The brand received some extraordinary designs from various artists across the country. The design entries were judged by prominent creative personalities from different fields in India. The final selection was made on the basis of parameters such as: idea capturing essence of India, style, creativity, boldness and popularity of design through online voting.


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