Swiss bliss

Living it up at Lake Lucerne
Living it up at Lake Lucerne

Switzerland Tourism announced the launch of its ‘In Love with Switzerland’ campaign for Mumbai, to celebrate 150 years of winter tourism. This campaign is to promote tourism to Switzerland from India not only during summer but also during autumn and winter. The winter campaign was launched at St. Regis Mumbai in the presence of tourism regions of Switzerland: St. Moritz, Davos Klosters, Rhaetian Railways and Ticino.
Switzerland has witnessed an astounding growth in the number of tourists travelling from India in the year 2015. After a relatively stagnant growth over the last three years, 2015 has seen a huge surge in Indian tourists with a growth of 26.7% recorded during January to June this year. June was one the best months with over 40% growth over 2014.
Switzerland Tourism had introduced in 2015 the ‘Grand Tour of Switzerland’ – a 1,600 km road-trip that combines all of Switzerland’s best touristic and nature highlights in one scenic journey. This tour can be done from different gateways like Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lugano, etc. and can be split into any number of journeys. This has been an extremely successful promotion with many tourists exploring Switzerland by car this year and is going to continue into the autumn/fall season.
Claudio Zemp, Director – India, Switzerland Tourism, said, “As Indians are getting more and more adventurous and are looking for new experiences we think they are now ready for a winter holiday. In view of this we are delighted to launch ‘In Love with Switzerland’ campaign in India to promote the winter season. With this campaign we expect to see a rise of 15 to 20% overnights in the winter months. What we also want to showcase in this campaign is that winter in Switzerland is not only about skiing but has a lot of options for the first-time winter tourist.”
Ritu Sharma, Deputy Director, Switzerland Tourism India, said, “Although summer tourism has long been the favourite season for Indian tourists, we would also like to encourage them to experience Switzerland during autumn and winter. Autumn is absolutely stunning in Switzerland with the entire landscape turning into a riot of colours from gold to orange and if you are driving on the Grand Tour of Switzerland during this time, it will be a truly memorable sight.”


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