Bubbling over

Isabella Spagnolo at Enigma
Isabella Spagnolo at Enigma

Italian supermodel Isabella Spagnolo made waves as she stepped into Enigma wearing a happy yellow gown and a happy smile. She was there to launch the Isabella Spagnolo non-alcoholic fashion red carpet drink. Yes, the Italian sparkling drink is here, brought to you by Anup Bhatia.

The event executed by Shrrine Entertainment saw trendsetters in various fields being felicitated, including Alison Woodham, Ojas Rajani, Riddhi and Siddhi Mapxencar, Mini Cooper, Gitanjali Jewels, Suren Joshi and Shelly Khera. And there was a fashion sequence with models showing off chic creations by Riddhi and Siddhi Mapxencar and carrying bottles of Isabella Spagnolo.

The talk was on the range of drinks specially designed by Isabella Spagnolo for those who love to pop a bottle of bubbly, yet a non-alcoholic drink for various personal reasons. With delicate flavours, soft hues, infused with the effervescence of sparkling wines, light and refreshing, the drinks recreate the pleasures of popping a bubbly as they are styled just like sparkling wines, complete with the traditional champagne-styled bottles with a natural cork that pops loudly when opened.

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