Rush hour

Shah Rukh Khan at the Tag Heuer 'Don't Crack Under Pressure' event at Mehboob Studio
Shah Rukh Khan at the Tag Heuer ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ event at Mehboob Studio

The adrenaline rush got to you at Mehboob Studio as Tag Heuer hosted an evening to bring alive its brand motto of ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure.’
The ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ claim enlightens the mental strength of the Dream Team: athletes and partners who reflect the values of the Tag Heuer shield. Each builds on the legend in their particular field, reinventing the rules as they go: be it ace footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis star Maria Sharapova, EDM icon David Guetta, Formula One champion Jenson Button or superstar Shah Rukh Khan.
Yes, Shah Rukh Khan was there, arriving in style in a cool car, and then taking on the challenge of being amidst the daredevilry of stunt bikers who revved and zoomed in and out, up and down, truly living the ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ mindset.
It was also time for Tag Heuer to unveil the new Aquaracer 300M automatic chronograph, a sports watch that offers unrivalled reliability, utility and ruggedness, developed to meet the extreme requirements of professionals across different sports. With its ingenious design and a 300-metre dive capacity, the Aquaracer offers a charismatic expression of indomitable spirit with a refined, sporty allure.
And at the Tag Heuer event at Mehboob Studio it was also time to chill out with Peroni beer and have a bubbly time with Chandon.


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