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'Old Love' by Lekha Washington at the Palladium
‘Old Love’ by Lekha Washington at the Palladium

Art has an addiction to evolve, spread its wings and reach out to the most unconventional destinations and minds. Bringing unique art to unconventional public spaces, Palladium in association with Asian Paints launched the ‘Art at Palladium’ initiative.
Both lifestyle labels have partnered to leverage the fine work of renowned sculptor and innovator Lekha Washington, bringing her masterpieces from her collection ‘That which is, is not’ for an exhibition at the mall, on till July 9.
Visitors are in for a visual treat as this exhibition encompasses a 15 feet ball hovering midair with absolutely no support and chains around it. This beautiful exhibition will also include – the Dot installation, the pink sink with rising moon and the drop miniatures.
Admiring Lekha Washington’s cutting edge works on preview night were Atul Ruia, Rahul Bose, Krsna Mehta and many more. As the lights dimmed, ‘Old Love’ – a gigantic ball was unveiled, eliciting a rousing round of applause and awe from guests and other visitors at the mall.
Describing her masterpiece, Lekha Washington said, “The magnum opus of the evening, and indeed, for the weeks to follow, is an ode to the nature of monumental relationships. It’s called ‘Old Love’ and calls out to the things that we may feel hold us back, but sometimes sets us free. It creates the kind of art never seen before: a combination of visual wizardry and profound meaning that can only be created by taking material application to the next level.”
“The magic that happens when ideas take you by surprise, which is the essential backbone of what I am attempting to do with this collection,” adds Lekha Washington, excitedly.
Also on display are her ‘Dot’ installations depicting flat full circles of the Sun and Moon placed dramatically, designed for a unique experience for visitors. Complementing this pair will be ‘The Pink Sink with Rising Moon’ – a collection of five pink sink chairs placed adjacent to the rising moon installation. Themed as ‘That which is, is not’ the whimsical creations also include drop miniature chairs which are designed to add fantasy to the contemporary décor in an urban home.

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