Air flair

Zenobia Irani, Boman Irani and Richa Chadda at the Ambi Pur event at SoBo Central
Zenobia Irani, Boman Irani and Richa Chadda at the Ambi Pur event at SoBo Central

A wonder whiff filled the air as Bollywood big boy Boman Irani and his wife Zenobia took Ambi Pur India’s #GlassHouseChallenge to fight off India’s toughest household odours.
After a recently conducted survey on Indian households, by an independent third party agency, revealed that smells from cooking garlic and tadka were the toughest and most common household odour, Ambi Pur India invited the Iranis to take the challenge and prove the superiority of Ambi Pur Air Effects in not just masking but removing household odours and leaving behind a subtle fragrance.
The ‘Glass House’ at SoBo Central was the perfect stage to fight India’s most persistent household odours. Before putting Ambi Pur to the test, Boman and his wife cooked some spicy Indian dishes to create the smells of garlic and tadka within the house. After having filled the house with pungent tadka smells, the couple along with Pieter Hommez, R&D expert at P&G, sprayed the ‘Glass House’ with Ambi Pur Air Effects to not just cover but truly remove the odours.
Bollywood beauty Richa Chadda was invited as special guest into the house to experience the freshness for herself – she entered the house blindfolded, and on taking in the freshness, was convinced she was in a beautiful garden or a luxurious spa. The fragrance and aroma was subtle, not overpowering. Yes, it was agreed that Ambi Pur Air Effects can transform any home from Smelly to Smiley!


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