The eat is on!

Rajeev Matta and Sanjeev  Kapoor at the opening of Hong Kong
Rajeev Matta and Sanjeev Kapoor at the opening of Hong Kong


Foodies rejoiced at the opening of Hong Kong. Yes, carrying forward the dream of master chef Sanjeev Kapoor of providing gourmet cuisine at affordable prices, SK Restaurants Private Limited (SKRPL) now brings to you Hong Kong, the restaurant located at Viviana mall in Thane.
Holding forth on this new offering, Sanjeev Kapoor felt that oriental cuisine has as much a wide variety of taste, dishes and flavour, just like Indian cuisine. After Hong Kong in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, outlets in other cities are also in the offing.
After a live cooking demo by Sanjeev Kapoor, you gleaned that the menu bears his stamp of culinary excellence with quite a few of his signature dishes like Brocolli with Tofu Dimsum (broccoli mixed with tofu and sweet basil), Har Gua Dimsum (chopped prawns wrapped in folded hand shape), specially cooked Hong Kong style grills, Gai Yang (boneless chicken skewered with Thai herbs), Crunchy nuts on Crackling Spinach (crunchy cashew nuts tossed in sweet chilli served over traditional crispy spinach), Crispy Lamb (crispy shredded lamb tossed in sweet and spicy sauce), Vegetable Mopu Tofu (tofu cooked with freshly chopped vegetables in red sauce) and much more.
On opening day you were happy to see Happy Lee, the mascot at Hong Kong, who thrives on good food by leading a content life. He will be your companion on the oriental culinary journey called Hong Kong, ensuring you complete satisfaction at the end of your meal.
And looking happy indeed was Rajeev Matta, CEO, SKRPL and guests like Hariharan, Ranveer Brar, Harpal Singh Sokhi, Ujjwala Raut, Shweta Khanduri, Umesh Pherwani and Aneel Murarka.

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