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Triumph fashion show at Hyatt Regency
Triumph fashion show at Hyatt Regency

It was a packed house as Triumph, the German lingerie company, unveiled its new collection at a fashion show at Hyatt Regency.
A tantalising range of versatile bra styles and matching briefs were on view. The ‘tailor of female confidence’ once again showcased its more than 125 years of experience, backed by an unparalleled understanding of women. From colourful and trendy T-shirt bras to sensual lace and exciting fashion products, from the Cotton Comfort, Shape Sensation and Minimizer collection to the new Tweenage Bra product line, there is something for every woman and every life occasion.
Triumph’s valued expertise has also led to the global ‘Stand Up For Fit’ campaign, launched in the beginning of 2015, which aims to motivate women to take time out for themselves, understand their bodies and take professional support to ‘Find the One’ great fitting bra that works just for them. After all, beauty is comfort.
Shalindra Fernando, General Manager India & Sri Lanka, Triumph felt that the new collection will help a woman look and feel sensational from top to bottom, bringing alive her natural sophistication and innate elegance, while Jennifer Kapasi, Head of Operations, Triumph International felt that modern women in India are waking up to, and loving, the benefits that perfect lingerie can bring to their lifestyles. They are seeing their choice of bra as an inspirational key factor in the confidence they radiate. Triumph women feel empowered on the inside, knowing they look amazing on the outside, throughout their journey in life.


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